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Do you have clients moving to Portland?

What I'll do for your clients: I will listen for what they are hoping to achieve in their move and help them set realistic expectations. If they want to rent first, I'll assist in helping them secure a rental. If they want to buy, I'll dedicate the time so they understand the market, the neighborhoods, and the city to feel great about their home purchase.

What I'll do for you: I offer 30% referral fees. I will keep you in the loop all the way through the process so you know your trusted clients are well cared for, and that your referral fee will come to fruition. I would be honored to partner with you in helping them achieve their goals.

I get deals done: I am a cooperatively focused broker known to get deals done. I have a background in building and understand houses and their condition. Great communication is a hallmark of my business. My clients love working with me because I'm honest, authentic, like to have fun, and can be trusted to be a steady guiding presence for them.


Please feel free to email the following respected agents for a reference:


Daniel Fernandez Acebo -

Eric Castognia -

Kira Mead -

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