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Kendra's home purchase

You hear it all the time these days, it’s a tough market out there. While this is true of course, often times it comes down to patience and persistence. After several offers and “losing out” on a few houses, Kendra finally found the perfect home. As it happens sometimes, not getting a house because of the competition opens the door down the road to find the house that really is the best fit. All of the houses were fantastic and would be great investments, but after a couple of months of searching she was able to fully check off almost every box on her wish list. Kendra is finishing out her lease still, and as we started the search early, we were able to give a long close to the sellers and offered a rent back as well. It was a win-win for everyone, the sellers to have plenty of time to locate their new home, and Kendra is able to finish out her lease and still have a couple of weeks to take her time moving into the new dream home. I’m a huge advocate of great communication between all parties and working co-operatively to get the deal done. I also go to bat for my clients, and work hard during negotiations to make sure my clients are aware and knowledgable of all the different facets of the transaction. From meeting during lunch breaks and in the evenings to look at houses, to staying positive through the challenges. From our first initial meeting sharing ciders at a local bottle shop, to texting through the repair addendum during her pre-planned trip to Portugal half a world away. Kendra and I became friends and more than successfully navigated through a great transaction. Congratulations on your new home Kendra!

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