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A House on the Hill

I helped Josh relocate from Florida last year, and find a great rental in NE Portland. He wanted a little time to get settled in to our fine city and figure out where he wanted to be. I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Josh after about 8 months– he had been out with his partner checking out a few open houses on a whim, and fell in love with a beautiful townhouse up on a hill in SW. We all met later in the day and toured the home together so I could bring my realtor eye to it. It was indeed a really special home, and one that was custom designed in the early 90’s by a local architect. One thing I noted to him, that is often true in the SW hills, is that a geotechnical engineer is often a good idea to assess the site conditions to make sure the building is properly supported for steep slopes. We negotiated on the price and were able to come to a happy medium for all parties.

We asked the listing agent for the site plans, architectural and engineering specs on the home. With the help of a structural/geotech engineer we were able to unearth (pun intended) enough information for Josh to feel comfortable that the home had a solid foundation. Josh had a great lender, who kept a lot of moving parts organized and on tract. With a lot of hard work, we were able to close on time.

Working in cooperation with the listing agent was key for this deal, as we were able to gather a lot of information for a complex property and deal. I always try and be extremely diligent to care for my client, and put their needs and questions front and center– especially in negotiations. I’m so happy for you, Josh! You have an amazing home on the hill that will bring many amazing views in the years to come.

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