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A Relocation for the Ages

Gordon was referred to me by a wonderful realtor in San Francisco. He had been in his small condo for 22 years and was relocating to Portland. As someone who was very old school in his ways, retired, and not tech savvy at all, this proved to be a big leap of faith and a massive move. I found him a month to month apartment to get settled in to, and then started to get the wheels rolling on his search. This however, proved to be easier said than done. Gordon had never owned a cell phone, and still used printed instructions to maneuver around. Knowing SF by the back of his hand, this worked. Being in Portland and totally unfamiliar with the city, just finding a grocery store and getting home was a feat unto itself. One morning I stood outside his apartment and called up through the balcony to try and meet him, as I had no way to knock on his door in a secured apartment building. This was an eye opening experience for me of just how easy current technology makes it to be in a new city.

We needed to get a handle on this before continuing to look at houses, I took him to Cricket Wireless and we got him a cell phone. I gave him lessons on how to use it, create a wi-fi hotspot, and use the maps. It was a crucial step for him to be able to communicate and maneuver around.

As it so happened, he found an amazing town home right away that was exactly what he was looking for. In this finicky market, he took advantage of knowing what he wanted, and while other buyers were circling the home thinking about it, he offered on it and we got him in contract. The home is a gem, and the inspection reports revealed it to be in remarkably good shape.

I’m the designated chauffeur, driving to unfamiliar parts of town is still a challenge for him. We went to his signing appointment yesterday, met with the home insurance agent, and got his internet set up for the new home. Gordon closes today, and it truly will be one for the ages.

While most deals have a much different pace for me, sometimes it takes going above and beyond like this to make it all come together. While it was a lot of work, I was very happy I could make such a difference for Gordon in his relocation.

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