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A Walk In The Park

To me, the story of the home is part of what makes inspections and the home buying process so interesting. In this market, you might only spend a short amount of time deciding whether a house is the right fit for you. It often comes down to a feeling after you’ve checked off most of the logistical questions. During the transaction though, and specifically during inspections, the history of the home comes into focus and it’s an opportunity to gain context as to where the house has been, the condition of it currently, and ultimately what you can expect and potentially develop moving forward. I spend a lot of time thinking about that last point–future potential. Is the house on a corner lot, why does that matter? What is the zoning of the house now and moving forward with the city’s new comprehensive plan, why does that matter? Can you add an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) to this property? Even if you never do anything to develop the home, it all makes a difference for the resale marketing potential.

Ron and I met over a beer to discuss what he was looking for in his home and to talk about possible locations. Working downtown and not driving a car put public transportation front and center, and there’s some key areas of town that are ideal for that. We focused in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland and found a great corner lot home that had been renovated. This charming home was at one time a commercial storefront, and the unique exterior, tall ceilings, and thoughtful additions gave the home a lot of character. As the story of the home unfolded through inspections, the uniqueness also provided some challenges. We put in the time, communication, and diligence to be able to negotiate with the sellers to have those repairs addressed. I’m so excited for you Ron, and best of all, you’re now just a walk in the park to get to the MAX line for your new commute to downtown Portland.

Please be in touch if you’d like to talk about what’s important to you in buying, how we can work together to market your home for sale, or if you just want to consult on what’s possible. All the best and happy fall, Carson

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